Podcasts Every Woman in Their 20s Should Listen To

If your daily life involves scrolling through TikTok for life hacks, questioning every career move you make, and strolling the aisles of Trader Joe’s just for some dinner inspo, I’m guessing you’re a fellow 20-something. Yeah, I know the struggle. Between figuring out how to maintain new and old relationships and making time to actually live my life—without forgetting about the ever-approaching future—I quickly learned your 20s can be a time of self-discovery, trying hard, and inevitably, failing every so often. The thing that helped me get through it? Why, some helpful podcasts of course.

Regardless of whether you’re in your late 20s or turned 20 yesterday, these podcasts have given me perspective on what it means to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Spoiler alert: none of us really do. No matter if you’re looking for dating advice, career help, or just need a good laugh from someone who feels like a friend, tuning into a podcast on a long walk or culinary adventure is a great way to learn or unwind from the stress of it all.

Here are podcasts every woman in their 20s needs to listen to, according to a humble 23-year-old.


1. The Everygirl Podcast


ICYMI, The Everygirl has a podcast, and yes, it is a fantastic listen for anyone navigating their 20s. Hosted by our fabulous Wellness Editor, Josie Santi, The Everygirl Podcast features interviews with experts on everything from personal finance to nutrition to skincare to confidence. Each episode contains helpful tips and life hacks that will inspire you to be your best self, plus in-depth interviews with fascinating women who all have incredible stories. Interested in getting to know The Everygirl editors a little better? Our bonus happy hour episodes will make you feel like you’re chatting with the team over an Aperol spritz or a latte.

Whether you want to know how to manifest your dream life, how to make friends in a new city, or how to start pursuing your passion as a career, The Everygirl Podcast can guide you through some of the biggest questions of your 20s. Recently, we’ve tackled salary negotiation tips, feeding spiritual hunger, and even finding happiness after loss. Tune in on your next hot girl walk to hear The Everygirl leap off the screen. 


2. You Can Sit With Us

If you were around for the Try Guys drama *cough cough Ned’s infidelity* then you might be intrigued to learn that the wives and girlfriends of the beloved YouTubers have their own podcast. Hosted by Maggie, Ariel, and Becky (IYKYK), the three friends delve into the intricacies of female friendships. Whether it’s a discussion on sex in college, an update on Maggie and Zach’s wedding, or even an interview with the Try Guys themselves, each episode is always entertaining and personable. If you’ve been dying to get together with your girlfriends and gossip over some chips and guac, this is a pretty decent substitute in a pinch.


3. Call Her Daddy


If you’re in need of a good girl talk, then it’s time to call up Father Cooper—as host Alexandra Cooper has dubbed herself—and the slew of impressive guests her show has attracted. From interviews with celebs like Miley Cyrus, Fletcher, and Priyanka Chopra, both Cooper and guests spew pretty much all of the details of their sex lives while also touching on serious topics such as misogyny and homophobia. The podcast has definitely evolved, and while, yes, it is about sex, there’s so much more than that—discussions on celebrity fame, vulnerability, relationships, and, now that our beloved host is engaged, all things weddings. If you’re looking for a laugh or a heart-to-heart, give this one a listen.


4. Your Latina Career Coach


When it comes to feeling a little uncertain in the career realm, your girl has definitely been there. But, once I started listening to this podcast, a bit of my imposter syndrome actually faded. Hosted by Priscilla Esquivel Weninger, our career expert is brimming with knowledge of what it’s like to navigate the workplace as a woman and succeed in your career dreams. In most episodes, Priscilla interviews a new guest about their own career journey, so there’s plenty to learn each time you listen. 


5. Breaking Beauty


Ever wonder how the color-changing blush in your makeup collection ever got thought of in the first place? Just me? Whether you’re a fellow beauty lover, interested in some of the chemistry of makeup, or just want to listen and learn, Breaking Beauty is for you. In each episode, Jill and Carlene dive into the tea behind the best products in the makeup and skincare industry. Looking to figure out if the viral Charlotte Tilbury products are even worth it? They have a review. Confused about the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails (and seemingly everything else) trend? They have an explainer on that too! Especially if you’re looking to break into the beauty industry or hop onto a trend, this is a must-listen.


6. Anything Goes


Two words, one massive influencer. Emma. Chamberlain. Ah yes, the coffee pioneer and Jack Harlow interviewer has her own podcast and it’s actually incredible. As someone who’s watched Emma grow from a humble YouTuber to a massive star, it’s fascinating to learn which parts of her life remained the same and which aspects changed since she found stardom. From how she feels about posting pics on Instagram to getting personal about her European vacay with her dad, she’s not afraid to be vulnerable. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the “why do famous people choose to stay famous?” conversation as it’s an insightful look into the dark realities of what it means to navigate being an influencer in the first generation to gain fame from posting videos online.


7. Binchtopia


As women in our 20s, we all have some burning cultural questions that just need to be answered. For instance, what was up with the rise of Tamogatchis and Furbys in the 1990’s? What is the history of surrogacy, from Biblical times through the modern era? Why is stan culture such a big thing on the internet? What are the attachment styles, and who came up with them? Hosts Julia Hava and Eliza McLamb do a fantastic job approaching serious, often heavy subjects with a lightheartedness that only fellow young women in their 20s can truly deliver. Plus, the research behind these pop culture episodes is unmatched, making this podcast the perfect balance of humor and heft for your commute or your hot girl walk.


8. Pivot


For those of us who want to stay informed and bring up niche topics at one of those parties that feel more like a networking event all 20-somethings eventually attend, then Pivot is for you. Each week, journalist Kara Swisher and NYU professor Scott Galloway discuss the societal impact of events around the world and in the media. For example, the two had quite the conversation about Tucker Carlson’s departure from FOX in the episode “Trump’s Town Hall, Santos Charged, and STFU with Dan Lyons.” If you also need an explainer on what’s going on in Israel or the legal action against Donald Trump, or really anything else going on in the world, I highly recommend listening to this podcast for some updates.


9. Terrible, Thanks For Asking


If you want something that’s genuinely from the heart and tells it like it is, then you have to listen to what host Nora McIrney has to say. As someone who’s been through a lot herself, Nora invites guests who have also been through or are going through some deep, sometimes even traumatic, things to talk through their experiences and remind us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In our 20s, we often feel suffocated by the pressures of life and everyone around us, especially as we come into our own and realize who we are as people. Though not every guest is in their 20s, I still feel like I glean some new perspective with every episode. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend “Army Wife” or “Wide Open Spaces.”


10. Hello Seven


Looking to level up those leadership skills? Honestly, same. Whether you’re looking to make more money or just have a better presence in the workplace, this podcast might teach you how to do it while keeping your sanity and social life intact. From developing your personal brand and creating a business model to practicing a personalized pitch for a raise, there’s almost nothing work-related this podcast doesn’t cover. Oh and if you’re into astrology, don’t worry. There’s even an episode about how to use the stars to scale your business. Never knew the Little Dipper might have a role in how my annual goes, but go figure. 


11. Modern Love


From the New York Times comes the podcast Modern Love which takes submitted personal stories and turns them into a beautiful ode to the search for love. The podcast features heartfelt anecdotes on the classic friends-to-lovers trope, unexpected stories about how a failed marriage can result in discovering your life’s purpose, modern takes on dating apps and marriage in the digital age, and so much more.

Whether you’re actively looking for love or can’t quite get your family to stop asking you when you’re going to “settle down,” there’s a Modern Love episode for you. As a devoted listener, I have to say the episodes “Devoted But Doomed,” “Single Woman Seeking Manwich” (narrated by Awkwafina, by the way), “Was It Me or Our Astrology?,” “The Language of Love” (narrated by the one and only Saoirse Ronan), and “When Two Open Marriages Collide” won’t disappoint.



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