I’m a Fashion Editor—Here’s Everything That’s in My Capsule Wardrobe

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Let me start this by introducing myself: I’m Madeline, The Everygirl’s Fashion Editor. I’ve been running The Everygirl’s fashion section since 2021, and my job occupies the majority of my brain at any given time (that and my 17-year-old dog, if I’m being completely real). I love writing and talking about fashion for a living—it’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing, which makes it easy to put every fiber of my being into our fashion section. Part of my job as our fashion editor is to be consistently trying and testing clothes from different brands to make sure we’re covering the best of the best. TL;DR: I try a lot of clothes.

Another one of my responsibilities as our fashion editor? Writing and putting together our capsule wardrobes. And I recently realized a pretty wild fact: I’ve never talked about my capsule wardrobe. I’ve been developing my personal capsule wardrobe for years, and given how much clothing I try, if something sticks around for me, it’s really, really good.

I love incorporating trends into my wardrobe, but also have an arsenal of basics that I build my outfits around every day. These core pieces are the best of the best; the items that I own, have vetted, and wear constantly in my everyday life. Without further ado, I’m opening the doors to my closet and breaking down my personal capsule wardrobe.


To work from a coffee shop

sunglasses | button-updenim shortsballet flats

If I’m having a day where I want to get ready but still keep it casual, this is almost always what I wear. This button-up is one of my favorite pieces of all-time; it’s on the thicker side, which means that it doesn’t wrinkle throughout the day, and I’m so glad I finally invested in one nice button-up so I don’t have to keep replacing them.

These denim shorts are what I’d consider absolute perfection. They’re on the longer and looser side, but don’t stretch throughout the day, and I put mine on literally almost every day in the summer months. I’ve had mine for two years and I still was excited to pull them out of storage this year.

The Celine Triomphe sunglasses are one of my biggest splurges, but I don’t regret them whatsoever—quite the contrary, actually. They’re a classic, oversized pair that looks good with any outfit, and I wear mine every single day. Of my many sunglasses, this is the pair I love the most. With my favorite ballet flats (that I own in two colors!), it’s a casual, uniform-worthy look I wear on repeat.


To dinner on a patio

puff earringsmaxi dressbeaded bagheeled sandals

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that my love for the Staud Beaded Tommy bags knows no bounds. I love having fun with my accessories, and this is arguably the most fun you could have with a bag. I have one I use in the winter months (with dark florals) and one I wear in the summer (that has oranges on it), and while that one isn’t available anymore, I love this fruit salad version even more. Case in point: How it elevates this simple maxi dress and heeled sandal combo—perfect for a night out on a patio with a crisp glass of rosé.

I’m obsessed with Jenny Bird jewelry, and these puff earrings are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own. They bring a little more *oomph* than my hoops do, and have been plastered to my ears since the day I got them.


To work from home

sweatshirt | workout dresssneakers

I work from home three days a week, but still like to get dressed in some capacity to boost my productivity. My go-to in the summer months is this workout dress. I have it in three colors, and love that it makes me feel more put-together than running shorts and a tank would, but is just as comfortable. I appreciate that it can take me to whatever I have going that day (like running errands or walking my dog) super seamlessly.

I am a sneaker girl to my very core, and these New Balances are my favorites of the year. After waiting for my size to come back in stock, I now own them in two colors and wear them on repeat. I wear a sweatshirt almost every day, and nabbed this Anine Bing one on sale last year, and wear it multiple times a week. It’s definitely a splurge, but was a worthwhile one given that I feel it makes any casual outfit just a little bit cooler (I especially love wearing it with jeans and a blazer when the weather is chilly).


To happy hour

bodysuit | jeansshoulder bag | heeled sandals

Listen: I never expected to be a SKIMS stan. But after trying literally dozens of bodysuits, SKIMS are the ones that—in my humble opinion—stand in a league of their own. I have three different styles, but this one is my favorite; I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever put a more flattering thing on my body in my life. I find that they’re supportive enough that I personally don’t need to wear a bra with them, which is priceless to me, TBH.

These relaxed jeans are my favorite jeans of the year. They’re loose, comfortable, and have that perfect not-too-wide but not-too-tight fit that I previously felt like I never could find. When I went to Europe last month, these were the only jeans I packed, which says it all. This is another Staud bag that is a staple in my wardrobe. It’s the perfect size, is a different shape, and I wear it both casually and going out seamlessly.

I struggle a bit with heels, but these little kitten heels are the perfect slightly elevated sandal for summer, and were one of my most-worn pairs of shoes in 2022. I can walk in them for hours, and I love that they can be dressed up or down depending on what vibe I want that day.


To run errands

white tank | shoulder bagdenim shortsBirkenstocks

I am a Birkenstock girl to my core. I grew up with my Grandma swearing by Birkenstocks, and have had pairs since I was little. That being said, these are my favorite pair I’ve ever owned (and once again, I own them in two colors). They didn’t require breaking in like classic Birks do (and thank God for that), and the gold buckles make them feel a little bit more elevated than classic Birkenstocks. These are the shoes I keep by my door all summer, and I wear them to run errands or take my dog out or go to a workout class—which means I put them on my feet every day.

If I’m having a casual day in the summer months, a white tank, denim shorts, and these Birkenstocks are on my body, no question.



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