The Everygirl’s Complete Guide to Feminine Energy

If you’ve explored what some call the “woo-woo” side of wellness (otherwise known as healing and medicinal practices outside of modern Western medicine, but I digress), you’ve likely seen depictions of “feminine energy” alongside ethereal images of the cosmos and mystical goddesses with enviable Rapunzel-like hair or TikToks about women “claiming their feminine energy” by being taken care of, either physically or financially. While mesmerizing at best, the mass media portrayal of feminine energy only scratches the surface (and as for the TikToks? Highly misinformed).

Feminine energy, AKA yin in Chinese philosophy and Shakti in the Hindu culture (more on that to come), is a force that we all possess and can harness. It has nothing to do with gender; every person needs a balance of feminine and masculine energies (and feminine and masculine energies also show in non-human entities like the earth). But because our patriarchal society is dominated by traits of masculine energy, feminine essence—characterized by intuition, nurturing, and connection—is overshadowed by rationalization, taking action, and achievement. So how do we align with our feminine power and create balance in our lives? Read on for a deep dive into feminine energy.


What Is Feminine Energy?


Where does it originate from?

The idea of sacred feminine energy dates back centuries with roots in various ancient religious and spiritual philosophies: Taoism’s yin and yang—where yin represents passive and feminine energy while yang symbolizes active and masculine energy; Hinduism’s Shakti and Shiva—where Shakti represents feminine dynamic consciousness while Shiva symbolizes masculine static consciousness; and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra’s feminine and masculine energies—where the “feminine” is understood to be red and represented by the red hot sun and solar energy while the “masculine” is considered white, cooling, and lunar energy. 


How does it differ from masculine energy?

It deserves repeating: “Feminine” and “masculine” are traits that each of us embodies, no matter how we identify or what our sexual orientation is. Masculine energy comes out when working toward a goal, making progress, getting things done, and letting ambition lead you, whereas you exude your feminine side when you move with the flow of life, embrace creativity and sensuality, and attune to the internal process. These designated characteristics, while not associated with gender, stem from societal expectations put on both women and men, but all genders (and things for that matter) can have varying degrees of each energy and need the pair of energies to thrive.


Why do we need to channel it?

No surprise, our masculine-driven culture prioritizes attributes of masculine energy–leadership, action, logic, analytics, assertiveness, and achievement–leaving many of us feeling burnt out, depleted, disconnected, and unhappy. This can show up as you feeling you have to be dominant and assertive to succeed at your workplace, appreciating making and saving money over enjoying your life, or focusing on achievement in your wellness routine (think: 10,000 steps a day or a certain score on your activity tracker) rather than how you feel. But valuing masculinity over femininity translates to tipping the scale towards an imbalanced life of work and depending on technology over resting, recharging, and connecting with nature and others (AKA what actually makes us happy). Leaning into the dualities of the feminine and masculine energies is the key to living a healthy, happy, fulfilled, and balanced life. If you’re like most of us and dominantly express your masculine energy while suppressing your femininity, read on for tips.


6 Ways to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy


1. Practice self-reflection

Looking within is the first step in awakening your feminine aura. Whether that looks like journaling, meditation, or running, partake in practices that support staying grounded and decluttering your mind. The result? You’ll make way for your innate femininity to come out. Begin by examining your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Are there negative beliefs, fears, and old narratives you should let go of? Also, explore your dreams as they can be portals into your inner thoughts and feelings. By interpreting them and discovering their meanings, you’ll foster your feminine side. And if you need a change of scenery to allow yourself to go deeper within, look no further than Mother Nature to do the trick. 


2. Tune into your intuition to make decisions

We easily get caught up in the day-to-day, which can lead to being on autopilot and ignoring what your inner voice or gut is telling you. And when it comes to making decisions, we often look outward, using logic or facts to come to a conclusion. Instead, try getting in touch with your divine feminine by looking inward and being receptive to your feelings. The good news is we all have an innate intuition—it’s just a matter of trusting and using it. To develop your inner knowing, spend time meditating, follow your gut instinct, and practice mindfulness.


3. Harness your creativity

Start by setting aside time each week to find ways to express your creativity. Consider taking on hobbies that bring you joy and fulfillment, reinforcing your feminine energy flow. Have you wanted to pick up pickleball, learn how to make a mean lasagna, experiment with mixology, or take a stab at pole dancing? We all get stuck in ruts, so when you find yourself in one, have an arsenal of activities to get your creative juices flowing at the ready. For example, change up your routine (think: hang out at different coffee shops, take a new fitness class, get up earlier), walk it out, book a trip, or incorporate play into your everyday routine (even if it means simply adopting a playful mindset).


4. Prioritize your “me-time”

Wellness trend or not, self-care should be a non-negotiable for reconnecting with yourself and your feminine being. After all, we can’t be our best selves, friends, or partners if we’re not tending to our own needs first, but it’s often the first thing that goes out the window when we have a million other things to cross off our to-do lists. So carve out space to nurture yourself by engaging in activities that rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul—whether it’s taking walks in nature, enjoying a relaxing bath, or reading a book.


5. Allow yourself to just be 

Let go of the pressure to always be doing something or achieving more, and give yourself permission to slow down, do nothing, and just be. By allowing yourself to slow down and press pause, you can restore emotional equilibrium (hello, divine feminine!), lower stress, and enhance decision-making and other cognitive functions. Wrapping your head around R&R is one thing, but putting it into practice is another. For starters, determine what relaxes you, then commit to it. And, remember, rest is not a luxury that you have to earn; it’s a necessity. Recharging will only make more room to channel your feminine energy.


6. Embrace your sensuality 

We’re not just talking about sexuality, but also becoming in tune with our five senses and being able to enjoy physical pleasures by being present. Take in the flavors of your food, the feel of your silk pajamas against your skin, the aroma of your favorite candle, or the soft whistle of the wind. Discovering your sensual self means experiencing various sensations and listening to your body’s needs. The best part? By connecting with your body and sensuality—be it through yoga, sex, or breathwork—you’re replenishing and tapping into your feminine power.