The Affirmation You Need to Hear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” is one of my favorite affirmations to repeat to myself when I need a reminder. Whether I’m in a brutal HIIT workout class or having a tough day at work I remind myself that my thoughts affect my reality. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts, you’re not only feeling negative, but things will probably keep going wrong for you. One way to shift that mindset is by practicing affirmations. To find the sayings that resonate with you, astrology might have the answer. Ahead, the affirmation to try based on your zodiac sign. 



Aries: “I am compassionate with others and myself.”

Self-assured Aries dive head-first into conflict and competition, so an affirmation centered around compassion can help remind them to be gentle with themselves and others. This driven sign loves taking charge and sharing their opinions, so it can be frustrating if they aren’t in control of a situation. This affirmation can also help them tap into their patience and slow down a bit. 


Taurus: “I accept change as a positive force in life.” 

Tauruses often get a bad rap for being stubborn, but really they just like what they like. Despite enjoying the finer things in life, they’re content staying in their comfort zone, sticking to their routine, wearing a similar outfit, and eating the same meal every day. This affirmation can help them get comfortable with the idea of change and reframe it as a positive opportunity to try something new. 


Gemini: “I’m enough exactly the way I am.” 

Known for having two personalities, Geminis love change. Their minds are often racing, considering all sides of a discussion or planning an adventure. With their focus always on their next move, it’s important for Geminis to stop and remember that who they are, where they are as-is is enough.  


Cancer: “It’s OK to feel my feelings.” 

You know that friend who always makes you feel better when you’re down? They’re probably a Cancer. This sign loves taking care of others, but with that comes the burden of carrying the weight of others’ problems, so they often forget to take care of themselves. This affirmation reminds them that they’re allowed to express their needs and emotions too.  


Leo: “I approve of myself and don’t need external validation.”

Leos thrive at the center of attention and sharing their accomplishments with others. While we could all probably learn a thing or two about self-confidence from Leos, it’s equally important for them to remember that they don’t need to seek validation from others to feel worthy of praise. This affirmation helps give them permission to find that validation internally.  


Virgo: “It’s OK for me to set boundaries.”

Virgos love solving other people’s problems, cleaning up messes, and checking off to-do lists—anything that makes them feel productive. Therefore, they rarely slow down or acknowledge their own needs because they’re focused on perfecting everything around them. Virgos need to be reminded that they should never feel guilty for taking a break or saying “no” to someone’s request


Libra: “I am confident in my decision-making.” 

Known for their symbol of scales, Libras can see both sides to any argument. Because of this, they’re often so focused on balancing out those around them that they have difficulty making decisions based on what they want or need. If you’re a Libra, repeat this affirmation to give yourself an added boost of confidence in trusting your gut. 


Scorpio: “I am at peace.”

Despite being a water sign, Scorpios are full of the passion and intensity characteristic of a fire sign. While they’re kind and sensitive to those they love (that’s the water sign in them), they often overanalyze situations and relationships and can have a hard time letting their guard down. Dear Scorpios: take a break from your racing thoughts to say this affirmation and find peace within yourself. 


Sagittarius: “I am becoming the best version of myself.” 

Curious Sagittarians are always on the move, looking for their next big adventure. They love learning but can sometimes get lost in their endless quest for knowledge and lose sight of the end goal. This affirmation helps them remember that they’re on a lifelong journey to become the best version of themselves


Capricorn: “I am proud of myself and how far I’ve come.” 

Workaholic Capricorns love to be acknowledged for a job well done, so this affirmation is right up their alley. Others may not notice their hard work or perfectionist tendencies, but they deserve to feel proud of themselves all the same. Don’t be afraid to give yourself the love and praise you seek from others. 


Aquarius: “I am grateful for places where I feel like I belong.” 

Known for forging their own paths, Aquarians are alternative and independent. They love doing their own thing, but this can sometimes leave them feeling like an outsider. Whenever they feel like they don’t fit in, Aquarians should take a pause and remember all the places where they feel seen and the people who understand them as exactly who they are. 


Pisces: “I am strong.” 

As a water sign, Pisces can’t help but feel intense emotions. This along with insecurities can leave them feeling fragile. This affirmation is an important reminder that they are strong and that their emotional intelligence is their superpower.


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