People Swear This Viral Manifestation Method Changed Their Lives

We asked the experts for deets

And for another #TikTokMadeMeDoIt, manifestation edition. TikTokers have spoken: The 369 manifestation method (the latest iteration of the turn-your-dreams-into-reality practice), is taking social media by storm. It’s no secret we’re manifestation buffs here at The Everygirl and we love to try a new technique—journaling, gratitude, positive affirmations–you name it. So, naturally, I had to see if the 369 method checks out (I couldn’t just take TikTokers’ word for it). 

With over 218 million views, videos with the hashtag #369method tout manifesting everything from a text from a love interest to more cash in the bank (sold), and the technique couldn’t be simpler. So if you’re ready to welcome your hopes, dreams, and goals before the end of the year (you won’t know unless you try!), keep reading. It’s time to clear some space.  


What is the 369 manifestation method?

First things first: Establish exactly what you want to manifest—be it a promotion, moving to a new city, your first home, a partner to share your life with, etc. Then, grab your pen and paper and journal about the experience as if you’re already living it three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before you call it a night. Think: “I’m living in [enter desired location]” or “I’m seeing someone who values me and I enjoy my time with.” And as you’re writing your intention, try to tap into the vision and feeling of already having what you want. Like building any new habit, consistency is key, making it easier to keep your eye on the prize. 

So why 3-6-9? Well, it’s not just a random sequence of numbers. Dubbed the “369 Theory” by inventor Nikola Tesla (yes, where Mr. Musk got the name from), he believed them to be the trifecta of energy, frequency, and vibration and the key to the universe. In the same way that the Enneagram or zodiac signs clue us into our personalities and why we behave the way we do, numerology can give us insight into future events. “The number three is a very auspicious number and represents our connection to all that is,” explained Alyse Bacine, a spiritual mentor, breathwork practitioner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes. “Six represents our true power as creator beings, and nine represents a completion or rebirth.”



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How do I practice it?

Now let me state the obvious: As nice as it would be if our desires appeared by just writing them out and sitting pretty (or with a snap of a finger, for that matter), you’ve got to put your back into it. Your actions (or lack thereof) can make or break realizing your best reality. So make the most of the 369 practice and map out actionable steps you can take to help nudge your goals in the right direction. Can you start stashing 5% more of your paycheck each month or put yourself out there by joining a local sports league or volunteer organization (perhaps an IRL meet-cute getting tangled up by pups is in your near future)?

Once you’ve gotten into the groove, keep an open mind and look out for opportunities that may present themselves. They could come in the form of an invitation to a networking event or a work trip to a city you’ve never been. And remember one of the golden rules of manifestation: The energy you put out is what you get back. So show up as the person who already has what you’re manifesting. “When we feel like the version of ourselves that already has the desire, we attract it with ease,” Bacine said. “Essentially, we become an energetic magnet to our manifestations.”

If you’ve been at it for weeks or months and have yet to see any hint of your intention come to fruition, check in with yourself, chill out, and be patient (I know, easier said than done). As to how long the 369 method takes to realize your desired outcome? There is no conclusive answer, but it just might be worth the wait.


Is it worth the hype?

Sure, the 369 manifestation method is TikTok-approved, but what does an expert have to say about it? “Each [manifestation] method will produce different results per person,” expressed Bacine. “It’s very important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to manifestation. A practice like this, done with intention and dedication to change, will absolutely yield results. Manifestation requires you to trust yourself on a deep level and move through self-doubt. If you can lean into that, then yes, I would say this practice could work well for you.” But she reminded us that having a powerful, effective manifestation practice also requires deeper personal growth work and energy healing.


What happened when I tried it

Because it was my first go-around using the 369 method, I decided to start small. I chose, “I find something to be grateful for every day” and put pen to paper three times a day for a week. Sure enough, it worked—I was able to grasp multiple things to find gratitude in on a daily basis. Whether it was the physical act of making note of my affirmation repeatedly or the fact that the process shifted my mindset to hone in on what I already have and seeing the good, even in the bad, I can’t say for sure. But what I do know is that it also helped flip the switch in my brain when negative thoughts reared their ugly heads or I came head-to-head with a tough-to-handle situation.   

While the routine felt somewhat like a chore and mundane by the fourth day (almost like the punishment you’d get in elementary school for forgetting your homework), having to carry it out three different times of the day served as a reset each time. The practice put me in the right headspace to reflect on my day thus far and determine whether I needed to pivot so that I wasn’t bogged down by stress or fear. When I sensed the limiting beliefs or overwhelming feelings coming, I’d switch gears and head out for a walk, ask Alexa to play my favorite songs, or interrupt my wiener dog from his sunbathing for a trick-for-a-treat break. I saw the positives that I would have otherwise not thought twice about or deemed insignificant, like a butterfly fluttering by or my SO taking out the trash. The main takeaway? The 369 method is easy and simple enough to stick to, and it gives way to focusing on what you want to bring into your life, having the right energy to attract it, and taking aligned action to attain it. 


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