How I Make My WFH Space Feel Like Part of My Decor

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Source: Jacqueline DeMarco

I began working from home full-time in 2018 and haven’t looked back yet. In my opinion, the only major downside to remote work is the toll working from home can take on your decor plans. This is why I set out to create a comfortable and effective home office (I’m all about finding ways to be more productive during the work day) in my home that suited my decor.

Here’s how I blended my workspace with my home decor to align with my style, while maintaining a practical place to work.


Skip the Office Furniture

Like all things in life, a chic home workspace starts with a strong foundation. I needed a new desk right around the time my husband started a new in-office position. This change really worked in my favor, as I had the perfect excuse to donate my old desk from an office supply store and steal his classic wood executive desk. Because it is such a solid piece of real furniture, it holds its own in our living room and looks more purposeful than a desk made with laminates or metal that clearly belongs in a corporate office.

To help maintain a homey look, I skipped buying a rolling office chair and instead went with this white slipcovered chair from Crate&Barrel. Hear me out—after testing a lot of expensive desk chairs (why are boring essentials in life always the most expensive?) and being sorely disappointed by my options on both a comfort and aesthetic level, I started testing dining chairs. To my pleasant surprise, the chicer dining chair ended up being the most comfortable and one of the more affordable options, all while keeping my living room looking like a living room. As a bonus, I can pull my desk chair as extra seating when we have guests over.


Add Homey Accents

Because the goal is to make your home workspace blend into your living space, it helps to add some homey accents to your desk. I like to start with candles that look as pretty as they smell. For spring and summer, I love to light a charming floral candle to add some dreaminess to my space. For the cooler months, I embrace all the cozy feels with a rich, warm scent.

I also make liberal use of Trader Joe’s affordable flower section to keep this super inexpensive vase from CB2 full at all times. One of the best parts of working from home is you can design a home office that brings you joy. So go ahead and add a framed wedding photo to your desk, hang some art you love above your computer, or get cozy with a plush blanket to keep on your chair.


Turn to Pretty Lighting

As enticing as working by candlelight sounds, I do need a more serious source of light during the workday. Instead of buying a desk lamp, I chose two smaller decorative lamps from Target to flank my computer. Whether or not I’m sitting at my desk, I can use these lamps to bring soft light into the room. For my next upgrade, I hope to add a picture light over the art I keep over my desk for an extra lighting option.


Choose Chic Work Accessories

Working from home means having a virtually paperless workday. Keeping things digital is one of the best ways to avoid bringing office clutter into your home. The one paper goods exception I make? This really gorgeous planner from STIL. My theory with office supplies that you want to keep accessible is to choose ones that you really love looking at. That way, if you leave your supplies out, you can still enjoy your space.

Other aesthetically pleasing supplies that help me get through the workday include a soothing rollerball of essential oils from Juna, a luxe Byroe lip mask, and a One Ocean Beauty Blue Light Protection + Hydration Elixir Spray for the days I’m glued to my computer.


Embrace Cute Storage

To help keep the workday supplies you need close at hand from taking over your home, embrace good-looking storage systems. The trick here? Avoid the office supply aisle and instead look for home decor that can meet your organizational needs. This elegant leather box set from Leatherology is a game-changer for hiding all of my chargers, headphones, and other tech gadgets. I love how multi-purpose this storage solution is and that I can use these boxes in other areas of my home if I ever decide they don’t belong on my desk anymore. To corral the items I reach for the most during working hours, I use a marble tray as a landing zone. That way, even when my desk isn’t perfectly clear of supplies, it’s at least tidy and organized.


Keep Your Space Clean

Once it’s time to log off, a quick desk clean-up goes a long way. Throw out any old to-do lists, remove any empty coffee cups, and give your home office a little refresh. A clean workspace will blend into your home much better than one covered in cords and clutter. Speaking of cords, don’t forget to get creative and find ways to hide all those cords. A strategic woven basket on the floor or cable clips can help keep things looking tidy.


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