The Comfort Show You Should Rewatch, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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There’s something thrilling about diving back into comfort shows that you used to watch when you were younger. The familiar characters return from your memories, and the plot points you’d long forgotten take root once again. Sometimes it’s soothing to know that the shows you loved once still hold up. And sometimes it can be a reminder of how much you’ve grown apart from your favorite shows over the years. Either way, rewatching a beloved series is comforting when the rest of the world feels chaotic and out of control. But before you press play on your tried and true, there might be another direction you can go this time. Read on for the throwback comfort show you should jump back into, based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: Pretty Little Liars

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Where to stream: Max

Aries signs are known for their ambition and leadership, so they will love to dive back into a world in which the stakes are incredibly, dangerously high. Aries also aren’t afraid to face conflict, and there is a lot of drama to be witnessed in Pretty Little Liars from beginning to end. The show is not only edge-of-your-seat entertaining but will also appeal to the competitive nature of Aries signs as the characters fight to keep their secrets hidden.


Taurus: The Office

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Where to stream: Peacock

Stability and comfort are what Taurus signs love the most, and they can celebrate this by watching a comedy like The Office. It’s a show that is always reliable, relentlessly applicable to everyday work woes, and effortlessly quirky and unique. The characters can be counted on to deliver their signature comedic traits, while still being hilarious and unpredictable. Taurus signs will be able to relax, laugh, and reflect during this series rewatch, alone or with friends.


Gemini: Gossip Girl

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Where to stream: Max

Always running to the next thing, Gemini signs will love to once again race around the wild world of the OG Gossip Girl to escape the daily grind. The constantly evolving characters, the backstabbing, the drama, the fashion, and the ever-changing relationship statuses will satisfy and replenish the Gemini spirit. The plot twists, of which there are so many it’s easy to be surprised, will keep Geminis engaged and curious while they plot their next big move.


Cancer: Dawson’s Creek

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Where to stream: Hulu

As the sign that is often signified by the crab, cancers will benefit from rewatching a highly emotional show that will crack through that outer shell. Dawson’s Creek is quite possibly one of the most dramatic rewatches of the shows that traversed the late 90s and early 2000s. Cancer signs can sit back, let their guard down, and let their natural empathy and emotions flow as they rewatch the iconic cast, including future Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, proving that being in high school is perhaps the most poetic life experience of all.


Leo: Glee

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Where to stream: Hulu

Leos love the drama and are creative at heart, so what better way to recharge than by rewatching the cast of Glee sing and dance their hearts out to pretty much every iconic pop song? While the show is slightly more recent than other throwback shows, the musical theater vibes throughout Glee explore songs from several iconic decades. Passionate Leo signs can sing along with their favorites and bask in the high school drama that is the Glee club.


Virgo: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Where to stream: Hulu

Organized and ready to check off their daily to-do list, sometimes a Virgo sign needs a brain break by rewatching something completely not about to-do lists. This is where Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes in, unless one counts tracking down vampires as a to-do list. With fantastical elements, a strong main character, and some really unpredictable, potentially world-ending stakes, this show will help practical and perfectionist Virgos regroup and get ready to take on their next world-dominating task.


Libra: Gilmore Girls

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Where to stream: Netflix

Libras are social butterflies that thrive on communication, so what better show to rewatch than Gilmore Girls, in which every episode is filled with the witty dialogue of the people of Stars Hollow? Quick to leap into matters of the heart, Libra signs will have no problem following the ups and downs of Rory and Lorelai’s lives. Since balance and harmony are a Libra’s bread and butter, they will be rooting for the main characters to figure it out, and perhaps remember that through the chaos (i.e., anything Kirk is involved in) a recentering can begin.


Scorpio: Friends

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Where to stream: Max

Scorpios can be delightfully passionate and intense, and what better way to celebrate this than with the cast of Friends? Whether it’s Joey and Chandler’s love for that weird dog statue, Monica’s love of cleaning, Phoebe’s love of song, or Rachel and Ross’ endless love for being on a break, rewatching these characters will engage a Scorpio’s dynamic sensibilities. Every episode will make this sign want to get out there and hang out with their friends, jumping into life with the courage that Scorpios exhibit best.


Sagittarius: Lost

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Where to stream: Hulu

Sagittarius signs love to explore and know that there is more to life than day-to-day chores. For this reason, the best Sagittarius show to rewatch is one that exhibits an extreme example of adventure, perhaps in which a ton of people get stuck on an island where things like scary smoke and random hatches are part of a normal day. Lost delivers all of this and more, with lots of twists and turns, mystery, and some existential themes that will reignite the Sagittarius interest in intellectual and spiritual adventures.


Capricorn: Ugly Betty

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Where to stream: Netflix or Hulu

The hardworking Capricorn is all about patience and perseverance. Rewatching Betty navigate the challenges of the fashion world (and life) is a great way to reflect on and celebrate what it’s like to be a Capricorn. Betty is a relatable character who never gives up, and while the show takes place in the material world of fashion, it’s truly about Betty’s emotional journey as she finds out who she is. With a lot of comedy mixed in, the vibe of Ugly Betty will keep Capricorns engaged and reflective through every episode.


Aquarius: Sex and the City

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Where to stream: Hulu

Aquarius signs know how to live life on their own terms, and so do the characters in Sex and the City. A rewatch of this series is an invitation to unpack the friendships and relationships that shaped the lives of the main characters and were cemented in pop culture. Since every Aquarius is constantly looking for innovative stories, they might find themselves looking at the show analytically because it was once known for its groundbreaking format and themes. A re-journey through this series might inspire an Aquarius to shake up their life and continue trying new things.


Pisces: The Vampire Diaries

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Where to stream: Peacock or Max

A Pisces loves fantasy and is constantly dreaming, so of course they must rewatch a show that taps into that. Look no further than The Vampire Diaries. Full of romance, vampires (of course), witches, high school tropes, longing glances, and so much more, this show will help any Pisces remember that they can do anything, even if their dream is to hang out with a vampire. The show is the perfect mix of fantasy and reality that will tap into both sides of every Pisces’ heart.


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