The Verdict’s In: These Are the Best Nail Colors of Fall 2023

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Source: @matejanova

Whether you’re the type that likes to slather on a tinted moisturizer and head out the door or you require full glam and a blow-out to leave the house, one thing’s for sure: Stepping out with a cool nail color on your hands is a guaranteed confidence-booster. 

Maybe it’s your usual at-home manicure or the one hour of solace you get every few weeks with your nail technician, or maybe it’s looking down at your hands during work and feeling put-together—whatever it is, we know great manis give you a great feeling. And if you find yourself searching “fall nail colors” the second you switch your calendar to August, we’re right there with you.

There’s no better way to gear up for the new season than with a fresh (preferably seasonal) coat of paint on your nails. This fall, everyone will be wearing these 11 delicious hues. Trust us: They’ll make you want to book a mani appointment ASAP. 


1. Latte

Whether you prefer your lattes iced all year round (I mean, same) or swap to warm ones for the sake of a seasonal cup at Starbucks, one thing is for sure: This latte-inspired shade is going to be steaming hot this fall. 


2. Naked

Naked nails are trending, and that’s not stopping any time soon. To achieve this clean-girl look, you can opt for a sheer pink shade or a strengthening top coat—no color needed.


3. Bright Red

Shades of red are a classic choice any time of the year, but this fall, we’re going to be seeing this bright, candy-apple shade on the fingers of the very coolest.


4. Terracotta

Source: @ matejanova

This burnt orange shade makes me want a slice of pumpkin pie ASAP, and I refuse to believe I’m alone in that. This season, tone down your go-to bright orange polish for something a little softer with a deep hue of terracotta. 


5. Plum

This beautiful purple-brown shade is the epitome of fall. It’s moody, mysterious, and will get you in the seasonal spirit the second the first coat hits your nails.


6. Khaki Green 

Source: @ matejanova

Green is the shade we just can’t escape this year, and that’s not changing this fall. Embrace a softer take on the trend with a deep khaki green manicure. It’s almost a neutral, but with a fresh, cool take you won’t be able to get enough of.


7. Rich Brown

You can’t go wrong with a rich brown shade in the fall. It’s neutral and seasonally appropriate, but is different enough that it doesn’t feel anywhere close to boring.


8. Emerald Green

If you’re itching to try a statement mani this fall, emerald green is for you. It’s bright, statement-making, and will make everyone around you green with envy (*wink wink*).


9. Black

Whether you’re feeling spooky or you just want something simple for the season, you can’t go wrong with a classic black mani. It’ll pop *so* well against the pumpkin-flavored coffee that’s bound to be in your hand.


10. Milky White

Source: @ matejanova

No, the milky manicure hasn’t run its course yet, and we’re not mad about it. This simple, soft, clean nail trend will be the perfect compliment to your arsenal of cable-knit sweaters.


11. Navy Blue

Source: @matejanova

If you’re ready to transition into fall ASAP, swap your baby blue (ahem, blueberry milk) nail polish to a deep, dreamy navy instead. It’ll feel so chic, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wear it on repeat all season.


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