The Ideal Bag for Super Organized Travelers, Based on Your Packing Style

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Ideal Bags for Super Organized Travelers

Some people pack like their whole vacation hinges on them being as organized as possible. They know exactly where all their essentials are because everything has been categorized, sorted, and carefully zipped into its own compartment. You’ll never catch them without their packing cubes, and having a TSA agent rummage through their suitcase is basically their worst nightmare. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s me—I’m that person. I take my travel organization very seriously, but here’s the secret: It starts with the right bag. For super-organized travelers, the ideal bag has to include plenty of built-in features that make organization easy. We’re talking pockets, pouches, dividers, compression straps, and more. Basically, your travel bag has got to work as hard as you do to stay organized. 

And of course, the best bag for the job depends on the type of trip and your packing style. A weekend road trip is going to require much different baggage than a backpacking adventure in Europe. And if “pack light” isn’t in your vocabulary, you need to be prepared for that, too. So if you’re ready to up your packing game wherever you’re headed, keep scrolling for my top picks for every kind of traveler. 


5 Ideal Bags for Super Organized Travelers

Whether you like to travel light with just a weekender, tend to pack every beauty product you own, or simply need a carry-on that’s as organized as you are, these are the best travel bags for you.


If you travel light:  BÉIS Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is perfect for short getaways when you only need to pack two or three outfits max. This version from BÉIS is ready for all that and more. Inside, you’ll find a padded laptop sleeve for your most precious cargo and a large zippered pocket that’s ideal for stashing chargers, plane snacks, or any other loose items. The two interior pouches can keep your phone and passport within easy reach, and the attached key leash means you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys on the go. And with the water-resistant lining, spills or leaks are no big deal. 

Since space is limited, packing weekender bags can sometimes be a pain, but not with this one. A wire frame around the top of the bag holds it open extra wide, so you can easily see everything inside and organize it to your liking. Then unzip the bottom part of the bag to reveal a separate storage compartment. Fill it with shoes, dirty clothes, hair tools—anything you want to keep separate from the rest of your stuff. And perhaps the best part? One of the exterior pockets unzips at the bottom to form a trolley sleeve that you can slide over your luggage handles. BÉIS truly thought of everything with this bag.


The Weekender

9 colors available


If you’re a frequent flier:  Away Carry-On with Pocket

Anyone who travels frequently knows that a carry-on is the way to go. It makes the pre-flight process much less complicated, and you never have to worry about losing your stuff in transit. However, carry-on bags are subject to size constraints, so making the most of the available space is key. And with this option from Away, maximizing carry-on space is easier than ever. Inside, you’ll find a compression system with buckled straps that help you squeeze in as many items as possible. It also features a zippered mesh compartment that’s perfect for shoes and a hidden laundry bag, so you can keep dirty clothing separate during your travels. 

Thanks to the polycarbonate exterior, this suitcase has all the durability you’d expect from hard-sided luggage but with an extra feature borrowed from your old standby soft-shell bag: an exterior pocket. An open pouch on the outside is perfect for stashing your boarding pass within easy reach, or you can unzip the whole front compartment to reveal two interior pockets including a zippered passport pocket and a large padded one for your laptop or tablet. If you want both durability and organization in your luggage, this carry-on is truly the best of both worlds. 


The Carry-On with Pocket

2 colors available


If a carry-on won’t cut it:  Solgaard Check-In Closet

As an editor covering travel content, I have shopped for, researched, and tested a lot of travel bags in my day. But I’m going to tell you right now that I’ve never seen a suitcase like this one from Solgaard. It is literally called a closet—and for good reason. This checked suitcase features a built-in, removable shelving system that you can hang from the luggage handle while you pack. It’s kind of like those hanging organizers you might use in your closet for folded sweaters, but perfectly sized for the suitcase.

The shelving system features five compartments (plus a laundry bag!) that you can fill with folded or rolled clothes. It’s designed to fit just enough that you’ll still come in under airlines’ weight limits. When you’re all packed, simply lower the organizer into the suitcase and pull the compression straps along the side to press everything together and maximize space. Opposite the closet area, you’ll find another zippered mesh compartment that’s perfect for storing shoes, purses, souvenirs—you name it.

Yet another genius feature? There are no zippers to fuss with when opening and closing the suitcase. Yes, really. To open the suitcase, all you have to do is pinch the mechanism on the side to release it. And if you’re worried about it popping open during travel, just use the TSA-approved lock to keep things secure. Suitcases truly don’t get bougier than this.


Check-In Closet

5 colors available


If you like to go hands-free:  Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag

Depending on your travel plans, a roller suitcase may be more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re worried about bumping your luggage through crowds or along cobblestones streets, a duffel backpack is the way to go. With a bag like the Black Hole duffel from Patagonia, you can fit tons of stuff inside and have the freedom of moving through airports, train stations, and cities totally hands-free. Unlike a traditional backpack, this duffel features a zipper along the top that unzips the entire main compartment open wide, so you can easily access everything inside. It also features multiple zippered compartments throughout, including a side pocket that can be reached from the outside or inside of the bag—perfect for stashing your phone and passport.

The 55-liter size fits inside the overhead compartment of most airlines, so you shouldn’t have an issue using this as a carry-on. Grab handles make it easy to carry like a typical duffle bag, or you can attach the removable shoulder straps to wear it like a backpack. And no matter where you’re headed, weather is not an issue thanks to the durable, water-repellent coating on the exterior. 


Black Hole 55L Duffel Bag

10 colors available


If you’re skincare-obsessed:  Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

When it comes to toiletries, the ideal bag for super-organized travelers needs to pack in a lot of storage. That’s especially true if you’re prone to bringing your entire beauty product stash with you on the go. You’re going to need enough space for your skincare products, shower essentials, makeup and brushes, hair tools, and more. One of the best options for all that is this toiletry organizer from Bagsmart. Inside, a variety of mesh pockets and elastic straps keep bottles upright and in place to help prevent spills. The top flap features a hanging hook as well as a zippered mesh pocket, which is great for storing small items like hair accessories.

In addition to the main compartment, this toiletry bag features two side pockets with even more elastic straps and mesh pockets to hold items securely. One side is also lined with a waterproof coating, which is great for storing items that might still be a little damp (like your toothbrush) or anything you’re worried about leaking. An additional pocket across the front unzips to reveal a zippered pouch for makeup and elastic straps for brushes. What really sets this option apart though? You can buy it on Amazon for less than $30. 


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