It’s Barbie Summer: 25 Pieces That’ll Channel Your Inner Barbie Girl

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Barbie fashion picks made into a collage
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

If you find yourself sneaking hints of pink into your wardrobe, let go of that shame—it’s Barbie girl summer, baby! Thanks to Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie, which releases in theaters on July 21, pink is officially back and deserves to find a place in your closet.

The film, which takes place in a whimsical Barbie-inspired universe, appears to follow Barbie (Margot Robbie) on a journey of self-discovery after she has an existential crisis and realizes the world isn’t just sunshine and roses. Being a girl who lives in a magical universe with no problems, Barbie has an incredible wardrobe that adjusts perfectly to her; from everything to an astronaut to a lawyer, Barbie can be it with a swift change of clothes.

We can’t all live in a dreamhouse and drive a plastic pink convertible, but we can still have our Barbie summer with a few fun wardrobe additions. From sunglasses to swimsuits, here are 25 Barbie-inspired fashion items to add to your closet this season:




Heart Sunglasses

If subtle isn’t for you, go full-fledged Barbie with these fun heart-shaped sunnies. At $12, they’re especially perfect for a pool party, bachelorette party, or to wear while you’re jamming to tunes on a road trip.

11 colors available

Quay Australia

Hexagon Sunglasses

Looking to make a statement in your everyday wear? These QUAY sunglasses are high-quality without breaking the bank, plus pack a major punch in the perfect shade of hot pink.

4 colors available


Cat-Eye Sunglasses

I can just picture these in a mini-version that comes with Barbie's designated accessories. These Ray-Ban's offer a subtle pink hue that makes for a reliable pair of sunnies to reach for year long.

3 colors available

Hats & Headbands


Knotted Wrap Headband

You can still embrace Barbiecore if pink isn’t your cup of tea. In the movie’s trailer, Margot Robbie actually wears quite a bit of blue, including a cute wrap headband similar to this J.Crew version.

2 colors available



Since Barbie has about a billion hobbies, we see her enjoying the great outdoors as she camps with her pink RV. During this scene, she sports a color-coordinating bandana, and, honestly, the look is worth replicating stat.

23 colors available

Barbie x Kitsch

Rhinestone Claw Clip

Brands are teeming with Barbie collections this summer, but this one from Kitsch is one of our favorites. This clip is the perfect accessory to add to your summer arsenal.


Braided Straw Visor

Leave it to Barbie to bring visors back into style. This Madewell version is adorable, and can easily be rolled up and stowed away for travel. It’s a solid choice for a day at the beach, basking in the sun with a good book.

3 colors available


Layered Resin Earrings

Anthro’s chunky C-hoop earrings look like they belong in Barbie’s closet. They'll add a fun pop of color and Barbie-inspired femininity to any look.

3 colors available


Raffia Floral Earrings

In the movie trailer, we see Barbie wearing Daisy studs, and these gorgeous floral earrings are the real-world version.

3 colors available



Pillow Baguette Bag

If you're a bubblegum pink girly, this bag is for you. It's perfect to throw over your shoulder and head out the door for whatever the day's got in store.

Nina Opie

Beaded Satchel

We’re obsessed with beaded bags this summer, and this hot-pink number shows why. It might be the most fun you could have with an accessory.

6 colors available


Belt Bag

These belt bags are a game-changing accessory to have for errand-running and the like. They have just enough room to store the essentials, and come in a myriad of colors, including this perfect shade of pink.

Sand & Shore

Mesh Tote Bag

This affordable tote is begging to be packed with your towel and sunglasses and taken with you to every upcoming beach day this summer.



Jelly Heels

These platform sandals are debatably the most Barbie thing on this list. Available in vibrant hot pink, they're the shoe that will take you back in time with their ‘90s vibes. We can't think of an outfit that wouldn't be made better with the addition of these.

7 colors available

Steve Madden

Double-Strap Heels

Picture it now: these shoes, your girls, and a night out on the town. What more could you ask for?

4 colors available


Air Max 270

Active Barbies can stay on the move by investing in a solid sneaker. This popular shoe, available in this perfect shade of Barbie pink, will support your feet during jogs or walks, and add a splash of color to your workout wardrobe.

13 colors available


Waterproof Slide Sandals

Bring your best Barbie vibes over to the beach or pool parties this summer with these waterproof shoes from Birkenstock. The bubblegum pink color is a subtle nod to the most anticipated movie of the summer.

12 colors available



Cut Out One-Piece

We know that Barbie lives by the pool, and if she isn’t in her iconic black-and-white striped number, we’d bet she’s in something pretty similar to this.

2 colors available


One-Shoulder One-Piece

At the beginning of the film’s very first trailer, we see Barbie arrive in a vintage striped swimsuit. This one-piece suit from GAP is a modernized dupe with a similar look. It also comes with an adjustable strap if you aren’t digging the one-shoulder style.

2 colors available

Show Me Your Mumu

Crochet Cover Up

Pink here, pink there, pink everywhere. Why not combine two trends in one—crochet and Barbie pink—with this super cute cover-up? Whether the swimsuit underneath is also hot pink is up to you. (But we'd highly recommend it.)

7 colors available


Eleven by Venus Williams

Gingham Skater Dress

If Margot Robbie's movie trailer look had your heart singing, this dress is as similar as you can get (at a much more affordable price).


Boucle Mini Dress

Channel your inner President Barbie with this pink number from Bardot. With gold tone details set atop a soft baby pinnk, you're about to be the smartest (and cutest) Barbie on the block.


Barbie Summer T-Shirt

We'd be remiss if we didn't give a nod to vintage Barbie. This graphic tee showcases Barbie's iconic vintage logo, perfect to wear as your heading to the theater.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Tailored Trousers

Corporate Barbies can spruce up their work wardrobe with these chic wide-leg trousers. They’re airy and comfortable for summertime, but also professional enough to add them to your work wardrobe.

12 colors available


Coated Linen Shorts

These coated linen shorts will be the bottom half of your going-out outfits all summer long. Warning: They’re bound to come with endless compliments.


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