Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Love Language—Here’s Yours

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Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

We all know that love exists on a spectrum, and that includes how you love and give love too. Have you ever wondered why some people swoon over an intimate, close-knit connection while others prefer a 70’s free-love kind of vibe? While love has quite the reputation for being mysterious and tough to nail down, it doesn’t have to be. A quick dive into the zodiac can help you understand the type of love you need and deserve.

The Moon and Venus often take center stage when it comes to astrology and love, but here’s a little secret: they’re important, but they don’t really tell us anything that we don’t already know. Venus shows us what we’re looking for in our other half (no offense Venus, but most of us already know that). The Moon, on the other hand, points us toward our heart’s desires and feelings. Unfortunately, we can’t completely ignore our heads if we want a healthy, long-lasting relationship (if only). 

Both of these planets are too idealistic and neither really tells us what makes us feel loved. So how can we paint a whole picture of what we need from a partner? The Sun can light the way.


What Is a Sun Sign?

Chances are if you know anything about astrology, you know your Sun sign. It’s what people are talking about when they say things like “I can’t help it, I’m a Gemini” or “I’m not trying to be overly critical, I’m just a Virgo”. If you’re not sure about your sign, check out this article for a quick overview.

Beyond representing who we are, the Sun helps us see what kind of love we need to grow into the best versions of ourselves. According to Steven Forrest, astrologer and founder of Forrest Astrology, the energy of our Sun sign shows us what kind of energy we need to thrive. He says, “swallow the vitamin and the Sun shines more brightly” (The Inner Sky). In other words, when we follow the Sun, we thrive–in love, in life, in everything.

In my birth chart, I have the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini, and Venus in Libra. The Libra traits of equality and partnership and Gemini traits of communication and intellect are important qualities to me in a partner. But nobody is even stepping foot in the front door unless they meet my Scorpio need for deep intimacy and unwavering trust.


How Can Knowing Your Zodiac Love Language Help You?

Ever get into a heated fight with your partner only to see later that it was a misunderstanding? Honestly, who hasn’t? Knowing your zodiac love language can help you, or you and your partner if you’re currently in a relationship, get a deeper understanding of what you need. When you know what you need, you can communicate better and advocate for yourself in relationships.

In my own relationship, understanding my and my partner’s zodiac love language has saved us from countless unnecessary fights. He knows that when I’m moody or distant, I need more intimacy from him and permission to dive deep into my feelings. When he, a Virgo Sun, gets overly analytical and frazzled, I know that he needs practical support and advice.


What is Your Zodiac Love Language?


Aries: Passion

With a passion for, well passion, Aries feel most loved when their partner has a zest for life that matches their own and steps up in the face of challenges. Keeping the relationship interesting and engaging while also giving them the freedom to be themselves is key. I affectionately remember an on-and-off relationship I had with an Aries years ago. Why on and off, you ask? To keep the passion and drama alive–Aries is certainly not one to settle into a comfort zone.


Taurus: Comfort

Taurus is all about comfort and stability when it comes to feeling loved. They need to find a home within their partner. Sensuality is important too–whether it’s touch, music, or food, Taureans experience love through the senses. When they get too cozy in their comfort zone, Taureans really need a partner who is willing to show them new experiences that awaken their senses and breathe new life into their world while still feeling good and safe.


Gemini: Change

Have you ever had a five-flavor berry? They taste bitter, sweet, salty, pungent, and sour all at once. Geminis are the same way in the sense that they like to pack as much variety into the span of their lives as possible. This can present a challenge for long-term relationships, but it doesn’t have to. A non-traditional relationship or a committed partner who’s just as in love with experiencing life can easily do the trick. Being open to constant change and exploration is a sure way to make them feel understood.


Cancer: Appreciation

Cancers will bend over backward to make sure their partner is happy. They can be the ideal traditional housewives/househusbands or selfless parents (to children or otherwise), but only if they feel appreciated and valued. Cancers have a tendency to put others before themselves to a fault, leading to burnout. Nothing appeals to a Cancer’s heart more than a committed partner who shows them loyalty and appreciation while taking over the demands of daily life and showing a sensitive side from time to time.


Leo: Admiration

Leo Suns love to be the center of attention (and are quite good at it too) and crave recognition for their talents and achievements. When it’s all said and done, Leos just want to be celebrated for the wonderful, talented, and vibrant beings that they are. Through my own dating life, I’ve learned how important clear communication and intentions are when it comes to dating a Leo. It’s often overlooked, but a loved Leo also sees the best in their partner and can be easily blindsided by unclear or malicious intentions.


Virgo: Purpose

Similar to Leos, Virgos also have a certain innocence about them (they are the sign of the virgin after all), but there’s also a strong sense of practicality. They’re sensitive and search for meaning in order to justify their relationships. They need to feel both like they have a purpose in their relationships and that their relationships serve a greater purpose–either out in the world or in the smaller realm of their lives. I first hooked my Virgo life partner by stating that I was looking for someone to build a life with. A clear plan and a purpose for the relationship? Consider it done.


Libra: Equality

Libras constantly strive for balance, and a partner that both stands their ground and leaves room for their own views and opinions is key. Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Libra has a knack for long-term relationships and loyalty. Some would say this is because decision-making isn’t their forte, but the truth is that they intuitively understand their partner’s (or partners’) perspective. Show that you’re open to different ideas and willing to put an effort into your appearance (we are talking about Libras after all) and this Venus-ruled sign will be all over it.


Scorpio: Intimacy

Scorpios crave intimacy—which can sometimes get them into trouble if they’re mingling with people who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own healing. Scorpios don’t care about your boundaries–they want in. They want to know all of the messy, uncomfortable, secret details that lie in that head of yours, whether it’s the intimate details of your past relationships or how you really feel about your mom. Because of the intimacy they require, trust is also incredibly important so that they feel safe and understood.


Sagittarius: Freedom

Sagittarius Suns are certainly not known for their desire to stay at home or mingle with clingy partners. Because of their love for adventure and exploration, they need the freedom to go off on their own and get lost in the world from time to time. A partner that gives Sagittarius the space to fully be themselves and dive into their many intellectual interests is key. Not only that, but they need a partner who is fun and can keep them engaged through either social or intellectual stimulation.


Capricorn: Support

As one of the most ambitious and dedicated signs in the zodiac, Capricorns need their partner to be a strong support system so they can achieve their goals. They thrive when their partner is happy taking care of the home or daily tasks while they focus on diving deep into their work or leading a movement. Because of their focused nature, they can be a bit moody from time to time without considering their partner’s feelings, so a partner with tough skin that understands where they’re coming from is key.


Aquarius: Friendship

The ideal love life of an Aquarius involves a partner who’s just as social as they are and
thrives on late-night soirées and a vibrant social life. Since it’s important for these airy socialites to maintain their independence and have a strong social circle, a partner who is also a friend is crucial. Aquarians thrive best in relationships where two whole people with independent lives come together as lovers and friends to better each others’ experience in this world.


Pisces: Empathy

As a sensitive and open sign, Pisces needs a partner who is comfortable sitting with them in their sometimes inexplicable emotions while also acting as a support system. Nothing quite opens a Pisces heart like someone who empowers their sensitivity, values their emotions, shows them kindness, and understands the struggle of feeling things so deeply. A partner with a protective spirit helps Pisces feel comfortable and free to express themselves fully.


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